Suunto - Firmware Update v 1.2.9

Suunto has introduced a firmware update that brings various new features to the Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i.
Already known for their stylish design and great functionality, Suunto's D-Series dive computers will benefit from several new features to make them even more user-friendly and attractive whether you're an experienced technical diver, freediver or an adventurous spirit new to the diving world.

The new features include:

All models:
• Apnea Timer feature for freedivers enabling interval training for static apnea
• Dive off mode
• Air Time on/off setting
• Improved time alarm modes: Off / Once / Weekdays / Everyday

Suunto D9tx:
• Freedive mode
• Air Time to mixed gas dive mode

Suunto D6i:
• Configure up to three gases instead of two

This upgrade applies to the newer D4i, D6i and D9tx models, but unfortunately will not work on older D4, D6 or D9 computers.

Please note that because of the addition of the extra gases to the D6i, the unit will be reset to factory settings. Any saved dives, logs or profiles will be erased. Therefore, please ensure that you make a backup copy of your dive data before you send your computer to us. Dive data on the D4i and D9tx will be unaffected.

Dive Computer Manuals:
In order to make full use of the new features, you can download a new manual direct from Suunto. Please use this link to get the latest manual for your model.

To Find Current Software Version:
In TIME mode press and hold the DOWN (bottom left) button to enter the Time settings. Scroll using down button to VERSION and press SELECT (top left) button. The top line of the version display tells the current version number. If it is not v 1.2.9 then it is not the updated version.

This upgrade can only be completed with Suunto authorized service centers.

The Submersibles is pleased to offer the upgrade at a cost of S$30, if you have bought the computer from us. The upgrade will cost S$50 if the computer was not sold by us originally. Please allow two to three working days before you can collect your computer.

For more details, please contact us at