Trips - Diving in the Maldives

”The Sunny Side of Life” is the official national tagline

The warm seas of Maldives have amazing visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to see as far as fifty metres away at times. Add to that the marvellous formation of over 3000 coral reefs and the free flowing tides of the monsoons. These perfect conditions have created some of the world’s richest coral reefs.


Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. The monsoon tides of the Indian Ocean are ideal for the growth of plankton. This in turn creates a hub for all kinds of underwater species who gather in these waters lured by
the abundance of food. In the Maldives, you can see plenty of colourful reef fish, but these are just side shows to the magnificent manta rays ,majestic whale sharks, schools of devils rays in formation, spotted eagle rays, and curious napoleon wrasse with soul-searching eyes.


Dives in the Maldives usually take place along a faru (reef) or a thila - a submerged pinnacle on a channel where the atoll meets the ocean, or on a wreck. Night diving is particularly beautiful as you can not only see tiny, gorgeous creatures up close, but also larger animals like sharks out hunting and huge marble rays.